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Why We Need a Hexagon Pellet Smoker Tube

If you have ever have a embarrassing experience when your friends arrived your home but you have no special food treat them. Here, If you are tired of normal taste BBQ food and want to try smoking taste; If you feel headache to buy an expensive smoker machine, a pellet smoker tube is right for you.


Why choose hexagon pellet smoker tube

-- 12 inch smoker tube with larger capacity allows 4 hours of smoke. 

-- perforated steel allows full passage of the smoke. 

-- can be used for both cold smoking and hot smoking. 

-- can be used with variety of wood pellets to add various smoking flavors. 

-- works on any electric, gas, charcoal grill or smoker. 

-- easily turn your regular grill into a smoker. 

-- made of heat resistant 304 stainless steel. 

-- lightweight, portable and easy to clean. 

-- hexagon shape keeps the smoker tube in place on your grill grates. 

Usage range of hexagon pellet smoker tube:

UBO BBQ smoking tubes can be used with various wood pellets such as cherry, hickory, mesquite, apple, pecan to add different tastes. The 12" tube smoker works with wood chips as well. You can mix these or stack them in the tube. This smoke tube is perfect for hot and cold smoking, adding wonderful smoking flavor to many types of food: meats, cheeses, veggies, nuts, bacon, chicken, salt, burger, steaks, pork, hot dogs,

Besides, bbq smoking tube is an ideal gift for the Christmas, Thanksgiving, New year. It is a must buy for every family. With these combination tools, you could also be a big chef in your family! Enjoy BBQ time with your family! You can make delicious food by your hands.