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What are the Applications of BBQ Grill Mesh?

Galvanized barbecue grill mesh, also be known as galvanized bbq grill mesh or galvanized bbq grill netting, is made of food grade stainless steel wire mesh. 

The galvanized barbecue grill mesh often has shinning and smooth surface with zinc coated. In terms of service life, Galvanized barbecue grill mesh can be classified into disposable barbecue grill mesh and reusable barbecue grill mesh. 

Each one has its unique advantages. The disposable barbecue grill mesh is portable and economical. And the reusable barbecue grill mesh can be used for many times, which is more economic. 

Usually, the wrapping edge barbecue grill mesh belongs to disposable grill mesh which used for only once while welded edge bbq grill mesh belongs to reusable mesh. Nowadays, the disposable type of galvanized barbecue grill mesh is the most popular. 

Stainless steel BBQ grilling net mesh and bbq smoking tubes are really nice tools for you to make a delicious cook in a short time.

Specification of BBQ Grill Mesh

• Material: carbon steel or iron wire. 

• Surface treatment: zinc coated, polishing, electrolysis, etc.

• Wire diameter: 0.4 mm - 3.0 mm.

• Frame wire diameter: 2.0 mm - 4.0 mm.

• Process technology: woven and welded.

• Shape: round, rectangular, square, fish shape, etc.

• Edge type: covered edge and welded edge.

• Handle: with or without handles.

• Handle material: metal, wood, plastic.

• Service life type: disposable type and reusable type.

Features of BBQ Grill Mesh 

• Nice and shinning surface.

• Firm and stable structure.

• Heat, fire and rust resistance.

• Non-stick and non deformed.

• Smooth edge and not rowers.

• Easy for taking, using and cleaning.

Applications of BBQ Grill Mesh 

Galvanized barbecue grill mesh with corrosion resistance, is widely used in camping, tenting, military, traveling, restaurants and other places for baking, roasting and drying fish, vegetables, wheaten food, meat, seafood and other delicious food.