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Introduction of Dutch Weave Wire Cloth

DUTCH Weave refers to the use of a different mesh in warp & weft along with different wire diameter in warp & weft forming a fine mesh in one direction and a coarse mesh in the other direction. This weave results in greater strength with very fine openings and is used to aid more particle retention and increase in filter cake formation than other patterns of weave. This weave pattern has a combination of Plain, Twill & Reverse Pattern.

Plain Dutch weave refers to the use of a heavier warp wire diameter with coarse mesh in conjunction with a lighter weft wire diameter with fine mesh. Each Warp Wire crosses alternatively above & below each Weft Wire. It widely used for filtration in Oil, Chemical, Screening, Air & Space & other industries. Plain Dutch Woven Wire Cloth is woven with a large wire diameter in the warp direction and a relatively smaller wire in the shute direction. This weave has great strength and is available in wide range of micron ranges. It is primarity used to filter a wide range of liquid and slurry products.

Twill Dutch Weave Wire Cloth is the larger diameter warp wires successively pass over and under the lighter diameter shute wires. Each pass of the shute wires shifts the over and under movement one wire. The shute wires are driven up close, resulting in a tightly woven filter cloth with tapered or wedge shaped openings.

Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Cloth

Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Cloth is a very strong woven product.This mesh is ideal for making filter belts, and applications where fine filtration and great strength are required.

Properties of Reversed Dutch Weave Wire Cloth: Very good flow rates, small pressure drop; surface is slightly structured.


Applications of Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Cloth: Pressure and vacuum filters; filter cartridge for Pre Filters.