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Why do I love 12 Inches Hexagon Wood Pellet Smoker Tube

Why do I love 12″ Hexagon wood pellet smoker tube?


The hexagon wood pellet smoker tube is the world’s best smoke enhancement device with low price for all BBQ. It was designed to produce maximum smoke using minimum amount of fuel. Works with all BBQ types including pellet, gas, and charcoal. 


There are just three steps to use it: 1) Simply fill the cube with pellets of your choice. 2) Place hexagon pellet smoker on your BBQ grill. 3) Light the pellets using a torch or starter gel. Let pellets burn for 5 minutes to get started. Blow out fire and let pellet smolder. Done. Now Let us enjoy up to 4 hours of quality think blue smoke. 


UBO cube design allows for maximum surface area for maximum amount of fuel. Also the larger cube hole design helps allow for maximum air flow keeping the smoke rolling. Our design will not roll away or off your grill it will stay in place while smoking. Hexagon bbq smoker tubes are made of stainless steel and are made to last. These are great for anybody who BBQ’s or smokes food. 


Advantages of 12″ Hexagon wood pellet smoker tube

-- Direct igniter 

-- Smoke enhancement device

-- works with all bbq smoker grill.

-- larger capacity with larger air holes

-- more surface area to generate more pellets smoldering

-- Produces smoke for up to 4 hours.

-- Great for hot or cold smoking


All of this makes hexagon pellet smoker tube the world's best smoke enhancement device.