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Stainless Steel Mesh Basket for Medical Parts Washing

Companies in the pharmaceutical industry have to meet stringent standards for part sanitation. Whether they’re dealing with surgical tools, medication containers, or hypodermic needles, those materials need to get thoroughly sanitized.

To ensure a thorough sanitization, the basket holding the medical parts to be washed needs to:

Allow the cleaning medium free access to the parts being washed.

Prevent fluid buildup that could contaminate parts.

Be able to withstand all process stresses (temperatures, chemical exposure, impacts, etc.).

Keep parts from falling out of the basket.

Fit comfortably within all processing equipment.

Be easy to handle in between processes.

Our factory main produce stainless steel mesh basket for medical and pharmaceutical parts washing applications. This stainless steel parts washing basket solves the challenges of sanitizing medical and pharmaceutical parts by:

Providing Plentiful Open Space in a Stainless Steel Parts Washing Basket

To enable ease of cleaning for held parts and to ensure that no runoff or debris from washing processes remain in the basket, this stainless steel mesh basket design uses a fine wire mesh to fully enclose the basket’s content on all sides.

The open space offered by the wire mesh allows air and liquids to freely pass through the basket so held parts can be washed efficiently. However, the space between wires is kept tight enough to ensure that the parts themselves cannot pass through. This is enhanced by adding a hinged wire mesh lid to the top of the basket.