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How to use a BBQ smoking tube to smoke a burger on the grill

It's easier to smoking your favorite foods.

Designed to work on any grill or smoker, or even an old freezer or refrigerator to add a delicious smoky flavor.


The horizontal holes evenly distribute the smoke as it moves upward in the chamber.


Our BBQ smoking tube has maximum capacity allows you to smoke up to 8 hours without having to refill with new wood pellets.


Made of 304 stainless steel, it is durable and never rusts.


You can use it for hot or cold smoke.


Simply load the type of wood chips you like in the box, place it in the grill, and then ignite the wood chips. Then, you can cold-smoke your favorite cheese or make cold-smoked fish.


What is the most suitable wood pellet for smoking?

The answer to this question depends primarily on personal preferences and your smoking. More robust meats like beef and game can hold grains of strong spices such as mesquite, pecans, and oak. Softer flavors such as pork and chicken benefit from flavored granules such as apples, cherries, and maple. For seafood, al wood is the most popular choice!

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