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How to clean the barbecue net

The barbecue season is about to pass, which means that you should carefully clean your barbecue net, grill, barbecue smoke pipe. The food has a perfect flavor of barbecue, a delicious taste, and the cooking process actually produces carbon deposits on each inner surface of the grill: the grate, the incense stick and the burner tube, and the stove itself. These carbon deposits are not only ugly, the grease sticks to them and masks the bacteria, and carbon deposits can cause the grill to heat unevenly or prevent it from reaching its maximum operating temperature, thereby rendering the burner tubes ineffective.

Wipe the grill net after each use (check the wire bristles before cooking) and clean it thoroughly every two months depending on the use of the grill. And twice a year, the grill should be thoroughly cleaned to help it cook better and last longer.