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How is the disinfection basket disinfected

 In the process of using the sterilization basket, a thermal sterilization method is required, which includes methods such as fire burning, high temperature boiling, steam fumigation, and steam sterilization.

During the sterilization process, the coagulation lesions of the viral proteins occur, and the function of metabolism is lost.

When using fire to disinfect. Put the items to be disinfected in the disinfection basket. For small objects, they can be sterilized by fire. This will be more concise, economical and more effective.

Sterilize using a boiling sterilization basket. This method can be used for cooking-resistant metals, which can be completed within minutes at 100 degrees, but it takes a long time to kill the spores of the virus.

Active high-pressure steam disinfection. When disinfecting with a sterilization basket, put it in a high-pressure container and sterilize it with high-temperature water vapor. Under high-temperature conditions, the water releases heat under high pressure, which can kill the pathogens of the object. Negative pressure is generated, which promotes the high-pressure hot steam to enter the interior of the object to make up, and enters the depth of the article, accelerates the heat cycle, and then disinfects.

There are many ways to use disinfection baskets for disinfection. The most basic technique is to choose a good disinfection basket, so that you can prevent pollution and have a more reliable effect on disinfection.

Our factory is mainly engaged in a variety of high-specification and high-requirement stainless steel sterilization mesh baskets, which can be widely used in medical, ward, pharmacy, and laboratory. The stainless steel sterilization basket is resistant to high temperature and pressure, and the surface is smooth and flat, which is better for disinfection.