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Distinguishing features of disinfection baskets

Medical Disinfection baskets are often used in places such as restaurants and hospitals. People usually use stainless steel 314 materials for stainless steel small poison net baskets, which have low bacteria adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, and convenient storage of items.

Most of the stainless steel wire and carbon steel wire are used for bending and then welded. The appearance of the wire is electrolytic polishing. Its most obvious features are its extremely lubricious appearance, not easy to rust, especially corrosion resistance, and neat appearance without burrs.

When using disinfection baskets for disinfection, there are many ways and methods. The most basic skill is to choose a good disinfection net basket. The key is to prevent contamination when the disinfection basket is in need. Play a significant effect.

Who We Are

UBO is a China leading maker of wire baskets as well as other shelving products. With rich experiences in wire products, taking advantage of choice materials and first-class equipment,

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UBO offers a variety of metal wire mesh baskets in superior quality for export.Types of finished products include baskets, carts, shelves, containers, grid and containers. A complete line of sizes are for our customers choices.

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we can do with our combined decades of experience and your specifications or requirements. In addition to a wide array of standard wire cloth products, we can also create unique wire mesh items tailored to match your business needs.